About Us

Drug Solutions is a young Spanish company founded in 2003.

Our Company has the experience and operational capacity to meet all your needs. Our staff has extensive experience in all fields related to Clinical Investigation, so we can guarantee the integrated management of an entire clinical trial or the conduct of any part of it.

About us

Drug Solutions comprises the following departments:

  • Clinical Monitoring
  • Quality Assurance
  • Regulatory and Ethics Committees
  • Medical Advisor
  •      - Drug Safety
  • Statistics
  •      - Data Management
         - Biometrics
         - Data Entry
  • Financial Support
  •      - Legal Support
  • Business Development
  • New Technologies
  • Medical Writing
  • Archives and Documentation

We are currently working with multinational pharmaceutical companies, multinational CROs, medical institutions, scientific societies and medical associations.

Click the link to see the therapeutic areas in which we have been involved so far.

Click the link to see the Scientific Papers by Drug Solutions.

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