What we offer

Comprehensive management of clinical and biomedical research within the highest standards of quality at the lowest market cost, always tailored to our customers� needs. We can offer the integrated management of the entire process or any part of the process:

Complete clinical trials (from the selection of investigators / centers until the final report / publication).
Any part of a clinical trial. Drug solutions has the resources and experience to be flexible in the performance of any part of a clinical trial according to our customers� needs.
.. Advising on clinical research projects.
.. Protocol design and CRF (e-CRF).
.. Translation / adaptation of protocols and other documents.
.. Feasibility studies.
.. Start up. Submission to ethics committees and to MoH.
.. Contracts.
.. Site management.
.. Monitoring visits (selection, initiation, monitoring, close-out,...).
.. Pharmacovigilance.
.. Management of clinical trial dossiers.
.. Organization and coordination of groups of experts.
.. Preparation of the 'trial management plan'.
.. Coordination of investigators meetings.
.. Data entry.
.. Database management. Queries. Data coding (for confidentiality reasons).
.. Statistical analysis.
.. Final report.
.. Publications.

Training in clinical trials, procedures, project management, writing scientific papers, audits.

Preparation of scientific documents: clinical trial dossiers, scientific publications, medical presentations and posters for scientific communication in meetings and conferences...