Drug Solutions

Clinical and Biomedical Research adapted to the resourcers of our clients

Drug Solutions

We are the CRO you need to conduct Clinical Research with the operational flexibility that you require. Drug Solutions is a company that provides services to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical devices companies, CROs, scientific societies, and medical and other institutions in order to enable them to conduct their research. Our goal is to help these companies in the task of saving lives and improving the quality of life.

Highest quality

Drug Solutions guarantees the application of the highest scientific quality standards:

- Strict adherence to the guidelines of the International Conference on Harmonization (ICH) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP).

- The respect with current regulations.

Ethical attitude

Respect for people, their beliefs and their culture; treating people as individuals, with understanding and a positive attitude. Drug Solutions adheres to Declaration of Helsinki principles.


The value that the company offers its customers is based on the support, motivation and cooperation of all team members, sharing knowledge, efforts and achieving difficult goals together, always keeping a positive and motivating attitude.

Creativity and innovation

To every new project that Drug Solutions develops we apply the principles of creativity and innovation to achieve the best results in the shortest possible time.

Customer commitment

Drug Solutions is focused on the study, analysis and understanding of our customers needs in order to find solutions that exceed their expectations.

Confidentiality and protection of personal data

Drug Solutions guarantees the total confidentiality of each and every person in the company with respect to the projects they are involved in.Drug Solutions fully complies with Spanish and European laws on the Protection of Personal Data.

Commitment to the environment

Drug Solutions is committed to preserve the environment through its management of potential environmental risks arising from its activities in order to minimize environmental impacts, always in accordance with current regulations.


We offer our full cooperation to other companies needing a base in Spain for the conduct of International Studies. We can make all our knowledge of Spanish and International Law available to you and use either your or our SOPs.


Comprehensive management of clinical and biomedical research within the highest standards of quality at the lowest market cost, always tailored to our customers needs.



We are currently working with multinational pharmaceutical companies, multinational CROs, medical institutions, scientific societies and medical associations.

Scientific Papers by Drug Solutions.

Should levodopa dose be reduced when switched to stalevo? European Journal of Neurology 2008, 15: 257261

G. Linazasoro, J. Kulisevskyb, B. Hernández and on behalf of the Spanish Stalevo Study Group

COSMOS, a study comparing peripheral intravenous systems. British Journal of Nursing, 2009, Vol 18, No 14 (844-853)

Juan Luis González López, Encarnación Fernández del Palacio, Carmen Benedicto Marti, Javier Olivares Corral, Pilar Herrera Portal, Ana Arribi Vilela

Treatment of restless legs syndrome with pregabalin: A double-blind, placebo-controlled study MS ID# NEUROLOGY/2009/299651. In press.

Diego García-Borreguero, Oscar Larrosa, Anne-Marie Williams, Javier Albares, Mireia Pascual, José Carlos Palacios, Cristina Fernández

Below are the therapeutic areas in which we have been involved so far.

      Hypertension   Phase 4
      Unstable angina   Phase 4
      Percutaneous coronary intervention   Phase 3
      Heart attack   Phase 2
      Marfan syndrome   Phase 4
 Infectious Diseases
      Intra-abdominal infections   Phase 3
      Invasive Aspergillus infections   Phase 3
      Neutropenic fever   Phase 2
      Invasive candidiasis   Phase 2
      Prevention of chemotherapy-induced nausea   Phase 3
      Prostate cancer   Phase 2
      Lung cancer   Phase 3
 Autoimmune Diseases
      Rheumatoid arthritis (2 Clinical Trials)   Phase 2
      Systemic lupus erythematosus   Phase 2
      Parkinson´s disease (3 Clinical Trials)   Phase 2, 3 and 4
      Restless legs syndrome (2 Clinical Trials)   Phase 3
      Multiple sclerosis   Phase 3
      Use of catheters   Phase 4


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